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Textbook: James Stewart, Calculus: Concepts and Contexts, 3rd Edition, Brooks/Cole Pub., 2005
CD: Tools for Enriching Calculus, Version 2.0, Brooks/Cole Pub., 2005
Web Site: http://www.math.stevens.edu/~pmiller/ma115/06F/     (or through WebCT)

Section   Lecture Schedule   Room   Lecturer
Ma115-A MW    8:00a - 8:50a P-116 Prof. Miller
Ma115-B MW    8:00a - 8:50a P-120 Prof. Kazmierczak
Ma115-C MW    9:00a - 9:50a P-116 Prof. Kazmierczak
Ma115-D MW    10:00a - 10:50a P-120 Prof. Ushakov
Ma115-E MW    10:00a - 10:50a P-116 Prof. Myasnikov
Recitations are 50 minutes long and meet on Tuesdays.
P=Pierce,   M=Morton,   B=Burchard,   X=McLean,   E=E.A.Stevens,   K=Kidde

Announcements : Final Exam:  Wednesday, December 13th,   1:00pm
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Contact Information : Instructors are also available by appointment.
Lecturer   Sections   Office   Phone   Office Hours   E-mail
Prof. Kazmierczak B, C Kidde 230 216-5438 Tue:  4-6pm;  Wed:  2-3pm lkazmier @ stevens.edu
Prof. Miller A McLean 515 216-8072 pmiller @ stevens.edu
Prof. Myasnikov E Kidde 126 216-8599 Mon:  11am-12pm;  Wed:  11am-12pm amyasnik @ stevens.edu
Prof. Ushakov D Kidde 126 216-8597 aushakov @ stevens.edu

Assistant Recitations Office Phone Office Hours E-mail
Yidi Zhang RA, RG, RM Kidde 105 216-5431 Tue:  10am--1pm yzhang12 @ stevens.edu
Kristi Martini RD, RJ, RN Kidde 105 216-5431 Tue:  9-10am, 2-3pm, 4-5pm kmartini @ stevens.edu
Parisa Babaali RB, RE, RH Kidde 105 216-5431 Wed:  2-5pm pbabaali @ stevens.edu
Marina Goldovskiy RC, RK, RO Kidde 105 216-5431 mflesher @ stevens.edu
Michael Yatauro RF, RI, RL Kidde 105 216-5431 Mon: 4-5pm;  Tue: 2-3pm myatauro @ stevens.edu